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Notice No20190614-19Notice Date14 Jun 2019
SubjectInteroperability framework among Clearing Corporations

Date: June 14, 2019



Sub.: Interoperability framework among Clearing Corporations


To All Clearing Members and Custodians,


Attention of Clearing Members and Custodians of Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd. (ICCL) is drawn circular No.20130723-23 dated July 29, 2013 regarding Rationalisation of Client Types


Members and Custodians are, once again requested to note that, trades executed under only INST and SPLCLI should be uploaded for Give-up / Take-up (6A/7A) process, accordingly the Give-up / Take-up for the positions in the client type other than INST and SPLCLI will not be considered for settlement through Custodian and same will be part of clearing member’s obligation.


Further, Members and Custodians are requested to note that, Auction funds and securities pay-in timings in will be revised to 08:30 a.m. (instead of 09:30 a.m.) w.e.f. Thursday, June 20, 2019, accordingly all depository pay-in instruction for auction pay-in should be completed in stipulated timings.


For any clarifications, Members may contact their respective Relationship Managers or any of the following team officials:

Sr. No

Type of Queries




22728467/8185/8843/8567 bse.csd@bseindia.com



22728759/5820/8679            risk.iccl@icclindia.com


Settlements: Equity Cash

22728468/8704/8223/5163 bse.csd@bseindia.com

Settlements: Derivatives

22728185/8467/8843/8567 bse.csd@bseindia.com


For and on behalf of Indian Clearing Corporation Ltd.


Hitesh Shah                                                                                        Ajay Darji

Dy. General Manager                                                                     Asst. General Manager