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Notice No20180424-35Notice Date24 Apr 2018
SubjectLaunch of non-competitive bidding facility to participate in Auction for Government Securities conducted by RBI - Addendum

This is in continuation to Exchange circular no. 20180423-42, dated April 23, 2018 regarding launch of non-competitive bidding facility to participate in Auction for Government Securities conducted by RBI.


Trading members are requested to take note of and comply with the following additional guidelines for participating in the non-competitive bidding facility for auction of Government securities by RBI.


Undertaking by Trading Members

While placing bids through the NCB-GSec module, trading members are required to consent to certain terms & conditions as prescribed by the Exchange. This is to facilitate seamless participation in the bidding process by trading members in compliance with the requirements specified by RBI and such other requirements as may be specified by any other regulatory/statutory authority or the Government of India, by way of directions, notifications, guidelines, circulars, regulations, etc. At the time of submitting a bid, members have to click on ‘I Agree’ to accept the aforementioned terms & conditions. These terms & conditions are enclosed herewith as Annexure 1 for ready reference.


Undertaking by Retail Investors

As per the Scheme for Non-Competitive Bidding Facility in the auction of Government of India Dated Securities and Treasury Bills issued by RBI vide notification, no. IDMD.1080/08.01.001/2017-18 dated November 23, 2017, it is required that an investor can make only a single bid in an auction for a security and investors have to provide an undertaking to that effect. In lieu of this, trading members are requested to take the necessary undertaking from their clients while placing bids on their behalf. Format of this undertaking is enclosed herewith as Annexure 2.



For and on behalf of BSE Limited,



Vivek Garg

Tejash Somaiya

General Manager

Dy. General Manager

Trading Development

Trading Development



April 24, 2018