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Settlement Schedule
The Settlement Schedule for Equity Cash Segment is as under:
  • The trading and settlement periods are specified by the relevant authority from time to time. The pay-in and pay-out of securities and funds pertaining to trades done in various groups of securities in the Equity Cash Segment on BSE are to be effected in accordance with the settlement schedule issued by ICCL periodically.

  • Clearing Members should maintain clear balance of securities in their respective depository accounts and funds in their settlement accounts with the designated Clearing Banks towards their settlement pay-in obligation at the scheduled pay-in time on the settlement day. In case of transactions in securities to be cleared in physical form the Clearing Members should deposit the required securities towards their settlement pay-in obligation with ICCL at the scheduled pay-in time on the settlement day.

  • The pay-out of demat securities is credited to the respective designated depository accounts or directly credited to the respective client's demat accounts as specified by the Clearing Members to ICCL and the funds pay-out is credited to the receiving Clearing Member's settlement account maintained with their designated Clearing Bank.

  • In case of pay-out of securities in physical form, the members should collect such pay-out securities from ICCL before the stipulated time on the scheduled settlement day.