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Tri-Party Special Repo Contracts
  • Settlement of all Special Repo Transactions is to be done on DVP- I basis.
  • The Settlement calendar will be notified by ICCL periodically.
  • Once the transaction is reported on the NDS-RST, The participants registered with BSE/ICCL can settle their transactions in BSE Special Repo Contracts through ICCL.
  • Such Repo contracts would be divided into two legs of settlement viz. Ready leg and Forward leg.
  • For Ready Leg settlement participants can choose the option for T0 and T1 settlement based on settlement type selected.
  • Forward leg settlement would be decided on the basis of tenor of the respective contracts.
  • Cut-off timings for reporting of trades and confirmations for settlement.
  • For funds pay-in, the participants will be required to transfer funds (as per their obligations) to ICCL's RTGS Settlement account with Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
    (The participants should enter/instruct "UCC Code", "Deal ID" and "Bank Account details" in the Remarks/narration column in the RTGS FUNDS TRANSFER APPLICATION FORM while transferring the funds.)
  • For securities pay in, the members will be required to transfer the securities to ICCL's Pool account with CDSL and NSDL respectively.

For details and latest updates participants may refer BSE and ICCL circulars and any other circulars issued from time to time.