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Notice NoSubjectSegment NameCategory NameDepartment
20200227-41BCX – Tender Period Margin Tracker – March 2020Commodity DerivativesSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200227-33Market Wide Position Limits for Equity Derivatives SegmentDerivativesSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200227-4Demat Auction - 225GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200226-38Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Takeover) for REGALIAA REALTY LTDGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200226-25SEBI circular - Margin obligations to be given by way of Pledge/Re-pledge in the Depository SystemGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200226-5Review of Margin Framework for Cash and Derivatives segments (except for Commodity Derivatives segment)GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200226-4Demat Auction - 224GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200225-13Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Delisting) for RAJPARIS CIVIL CONSTRUCTIONS LIMITEDGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200225-6Demat Auction - 223GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200224-23Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Takeover) for SNOWMAN LOGISTICS LTDGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200224-22Demat Auction - 222GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20200224-2Demat Auction - 221GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade