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नोटिस क्रमांकविषयखंड का नामश्रेणी का नामविभाग
20230602-4Demat Auction -541GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230601-19Revised Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Buyback) for HINDUJA GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD.GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230601-9Demat Auction -540GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230531-73Market Wide Position Limits for stocks traded under SLBS – June 2023.SLBSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230531-72Market Wide Position Limits for Equity Derivatives SegmentDerivativesSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230531-8Demat Auction -539GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230531-7Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Takeover) for ROTOGRAPHICS (INDIA) LTD.GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230530-47Segregation and Monitoring of Collateral at Client Level- ReportingGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230530-4Demat Auction -538GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230529-48BCX – Tender Period Margin Tracker – June 2023Commodity DerivativesSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230529-29FAQ for Reporting of Bank Guarantees (BGs) created out of clients’ funds GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
20230529-9Demat Auction -537GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade