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तारीखनोटिस क्रमांकविषयखंड का नामश्रेणी का नामविभाग
May 17, 202420240517-8Clarification for transactions acceptance of May 23, 2024 (Buddha Purnima) on BSE StAR MF PlatformMutual FundSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 17, 202420240517-5Demat Auction -632GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 17, 202420240517-4Collateral Timings on Special Trading Session- 18th May 2024GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 16, 202420240516-3Demat Auction - 631GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 15, 202420240515-8Demat Auction - 630GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 14, 202420240514-53Revised MWPL Position Limits for Canara Bank.DerivativesSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 14, 202420240514-12Demat Auction -629GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 13, 202420240513-3Demat Auction - 628GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 10, 202420240510-45Settlement Schedule Offer to Buy – Acquisition Window (Takeover) for CINERAD COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED. GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 10, 202420240510-3Demat Auction -627GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 09, 202420240509-38Special Live session on Saturday 18th May, 2024 - Intraday Invocation of SaaS RMS & Settlement Cutoffs.GeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade
May 09, 202420240509-37Special Live session on Saturday May 18th, 2024 give-up/take-up timings for Equity Derivatives SegmentGeneralSettlement/RMSPost Trade